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The Holstar –Verse 1
The Zone Fam Dream started in a bedroom, we bred grooms that’s the irony of dead goons/
So we spit precise homie we this clean, razor sharp skills with words – pristine/
Suicide Mission I’m a wrist fiend, aiming for the goals; all I see is thick beams/
When the torch looms, score booms; I’m a certified winner – I’m killing em in board rooms/
This Rap thing is quite simple, I’m a shining blackhead in a family of white pimples/
Jack be dumb, he be nimble; ’98 sedan over a bridge – that’s a Jacked rental/
Vanilla sky pipes dreams, you’re the only rapper out or so see it might seem/
What you’re lacking is a tight team, I tell em like it is – I’m killing it Mic King/

The Holstar –Verse 2
Lusaka, Lilongwe to Lagos – take it to the West Indies like Barbados/
I can see the best in thee – Halo; Ladies get that ass on the floor, J-Lo/
I’m a Liv-Er survivor, spitting this Lavae saliva, you in the back seat buckle up; I’m a defiant driver/
I don’t rely on riders, trying to spy on this martyr, I’m more than just a conduit – I’m a spine and provider/
You can try to rewind, different every time – Pediatric bars – The Kid gets sick with every rhyme/
You can try to find step in my mind…with my eyes wide shut I think I see a vision every time/
I’m on a mission, I Define! The beats, the rhymes…piece by piece with every line – feast so we can dine/
Hip Hop is so Dead? I’m getting thoughts from your Dame instead of brain….Forehead!

Dominant 1 – Verse 3
Break-beats so beautiful, collabo so beautiful; Triple L state of mind we undisputable/
Metaphors to the ear, sound out blackaa! Stride never change when I’m in Lusaka/
Hustle for the Pesos, stunting in Lagos, Cleopatra by my side thinking we some Pharaohs/
Yo Holstar! Did I mention that we so winning? We hard as hell but our swag softer than some linen/
The page statures and our image is to pay homage, celebrating the fact we distribute knowledge/
Subliminal methodologies when I start penning, I write espionage Dominant Flemming/
The rapture of my disaster so devastating, I conceive classics when I’m meditating/
Africa be the next frontier, this is my moment of truth world premier/


from The Extraordinaires, released January 12, 2012



all rights reserved


holstarandteckzilla Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar and Teckzilla Present to you "The Extraordinaires"

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