HOLSTAR AND TECK​-​ZILLA - Past, Present and Future

from by holstarandteckzilla

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Verse 1
Extraordinaires, Outstanding; bars is sick/
That’s why we’re out for reprimanding/
Beats is gritty, I hope producers taking notes/
This sea is your classroom; drown we ain’t providing floats/
It’s Hip Hop in its purest form/
My tongues a suicidal bomber on the prowl, I spew a storm/
African Kings but never rest in a tomb/
Yep I’m so ahead of time I wrote this verse in the womb/
Well if its birds, I consume! Militant words of a groom/
Married the game on MT.Sinai, the of a boom/
Bap in these maps after these facts, jacking these traps/
All this blabbing and back stabbing is wack in these raps/
Cats to relax, my paper’s in a line counting these stacks/
Like modern day Klu Klux after these blacks/
This is a portrait of my pain a glory/
Present times living never ending story/

Verse 2
My inheritance came with the feathered men/
Devine gift, yes it was heaven sent/
The Future of life, lies within me/
Living triple lives of lies try defend me/
I was sipping wine with swines, times were plenty/
Greed reigned early, drums drained empty/
The flesh was sweet trying to tempt me/
Money in the eyes of those filled with envy/
And when it’s gone wonder where their friends be?
One minute they’re here, the next minute you’re all alone/
Questioning Kings next defending the throne/
It’s a Dog’s life; just give him a bone/
That’s why we’re past Kings, Extraterrestrial/
Space ship status, Extracelestial/
Never lose hope is what we were told/
But many grab dreams with a feeble hold/

Verse 3
Was born and Champion in serious Mayweather/
Product of Love songs, lights off Ted Pender/
Mummy said that James Brown was in the system/
Barry White vixens carried lights Rick James/
The Method Man came just to bring pain/
The E-Double R Parish son was insane/
Getting strikes Daddy’s Big Kane/
Fathered Emcees in the 80s, the start of a big game/
I was so smooth can’t consider rules/
Set to move thing to do was consider tools/
One Mic in the hand with a Paper & Pad/
And my Pen Authored a brown table/
But this is real not fable/
Old school act; Clark Gable/
These past times gone, clamp staple/
We bring it live! Brown Cable…


from The Extraordinaires, released January 12, 2012



all rights reserved


holstarandteckzilla Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar and Teckzilla Present to you "The Extraordinaires"

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