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Verse 1
You’re my starlight, you make me shine bright/
But keep me down when I’m gliding in this limelight/
Baby you keep me warm, on them cold nights/
This is puppy love, not them bold types/
It’s so frustrating how their hating on our young love/
They talk big but they never ever brung doves/
Midflight wishes with coupon dishes/
It’s true bond double O, who cons kisses/
It’s concrete! rose bushes grow and those snitches know/
Streams become rivers that’s why we go with the flow/
Cry me an ocean and live in this fairytale/
It’s like our love already platinum but will never sale/
You’re my blood and bones, baby you’re my every cell/
Fabric of Existence, we treadmill the distance/
Lady we’re the business, yes indeed/
You’re More than a friend, you’re my every need/

Verse 2
This Thug passion I’m giving baby is everlasting/
Me and you together like bond! We ever mashing/
We elevating to the sky, two mortal beings intertwined make the world wonder why/
Or how? We make the bed rock, never dead stops/
You and I like Bonnie and Clyde, we fled blocks/
And we’re the reason why there’s heartaches/
On and off like light switches, committed what the heart takes/
Travel the ends of this earth just to fetch you a flower/
Beyond Kanye’s Fantasy, you give me power/
More precious than semi-stones, rock skeleton bones/
No Afrodisiac; lady flowing rivers of Gold/
I told never leave me out here in the cold/
It’s therapeutic when we touch, leaving me bold/
Love really makes the seasons evolve/
And as the world turns, we get the legions involved/


from The Extraordinaires, released January 12, 2012



all rights reserved


holstarandteckzilla Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar and Teckzilla Present to you "The Extraordinaires"

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