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Verse 1
I'm at war with myself, hold the shelf who got at hold of my belt/
To shift weight, I'm equivalent to holding a delf/
The big change, more like the risk change/
A King without a Queensland; Brisbane - You're down under/
They all wonder how Holstar's the fore-runner/
I don't blunder, lightening thief and I throw thunder/
Cruise through your Clueless ness peruse through your foolishness/
Champion Emcee in the game and I ain't new to this/
These fakes peeking my sound and I can see them/
Mad blows to the dome of them, wrap scrolls and I'm folding em/
Wack cats approaching em, if homies want beef?
I'm like Hiro Nakumara, I press pause on em/
Told em that the game's to be Sold and not told on em/
Told em that the truth is written and not meant to be bitten/
So please take seats, this is that audience music/
I'm your performer, I'm gonna show you how to use it!

Verse 2
These homies is fake balling that's why they calling palatium/
Claiming that their crew be rolling much deeper than stadiums/
The world is my cranium, holding the Soul of Souls fading em/
Wanna be at war with stars, I'm Darth Vading em/
I'm your controller the Emcee and Conduit/
Many is weeds telling lies just some cons do it/
Homie I'm so fluent speak a lost language/
Bear scars from battles the feedbacks the band-aid/
Not a savage an African King, with a Shaka Zulu frame of mind I pull strings/
We form a kraal and take over the stream/
Form rivers to Oceans, the ultimate team/
Out to get green it's the Zone Fam affiliates/
The boys serve fiends getting drugged out derivatives/
I am the realest cause real is just as real as it gets/
Big as Gorillas, feel it homie finish the set!

Verse 3
So give him an encore the Kid's Back/
He relapsed recovered from losses to breath rap/
A mean track, Teck on the beat homie believe that/
More than just some fiddles and riddles, more than just street rap/
This is de café straight from the rack, heed that!
Blood from my veins, took a minute to bleed that/
I.V flow, coma resuscitation, bringing it back like Doctor to patient/
This is Z.E.D invasion, Africa stand up! The Kid is back, Kid is back/
I put Classic in Classic, I pity tracks/
Yes I'm going ahead like em fitted caps/
So while you stay up in a box, homie I'm going back to the future like Michael J.Fox/
This is real music, so don't confuse it/
Parker Lewis homie I can't lose it!


from The Extraordinaires, released January 12, 2012



all rights reserved


holstarandteckzilla Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar and Teckzilla Present to you "The Extraordinaires"

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