The Extraordinaires

by holstarandteckzilla

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The Extraordinaires is a collaboration album between Zambia based emcee The Holstar (Slam Dunk Records) and Canada based producer Teck-Zilla (Str8 Buttah Productions).
A 10 track album made up of gritty, soulful beats and insightful topics. A much needed departure from today's flash in a pan, pop hook laden rap songs we are all used to.
From the self questioning "Blackman Struggling"(feat UK based Mister Rae of Str8 Buttah), nostalgia inducing "Past Present and future" to the rapid fire ratatat found on "Skills" Feat Southern African MC Zubz.
The Extraordinaires is a prime example of hip-hop in its purest form, thought provoking and head bobbing.
The Holstar and Teck-Zilla first linked up on where they collaborated on Zone Fam’s “To be an African” Off the African Hip Hop Mixtape. They went to work on Zone Fam’s first full project “The Full Script” that was one of 2010’s most downloaded Mixtapes on the African Continent.

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Follow them on twitter:- The Holstar @sdrceo and Teck-Zilla @projektcancer


released January 12, 2012

Lyrics by The Holstar
Produced by Teck-Zilla
Featuring Mister Rae, Dominant 1, Zubz and Al Kani



all rights reserved


holstarandteckzilla Lusaka, Zambia

The Holstar and Teckzilla Present to you "The Extraordinaires"

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Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Back In Effect
Verse 1
I'm at war with myself, hold the shelf who got at hold of my belt/
To shift weight, I'm equivalent to holding a delf/
The big change, more like the risk change/
A King without a Queensland; Brisbane - You're down under/
They all wonder how Holstar's the fore-runner/
I don't blunder, lightening thief and I throw thunder/
Cruise through your Clueless ness peruse through your foolishness/
Champion Emcee in the game and I ain't new to this/
These fakes peeking my sound and I can see them/
Mad blows to the dome of them, wrap scrolls and I'm folding em/
Wack cats approaching em, if homies want beef?
I'm like Hiro Nakumara, I press pause on em/
Told em that the game's to be Sold and not told on em/
Told em that the truth is written and not meant to be bitten/
So please take seats, this is that audience music/
I'm your performer, I'm gonna show you how to use it!

Verse 2
These homies is fake balling that's why they calling palatium/
Claiming that their crew be rolling much deeper than stadiums/
The world is my cranium, holding the Soul of Souls fading em/
Wanna be at war with stars, I'm Darth Vading em/
I'm your controller the Emcee and Conduit/
Many is weeds telling lies just some cons do it/
Homie I'm so fluent speak a lost language/
Bear scars from battles the feedbacks the band-aid/
Not a savage an African King, with a Shaka Zulu frame of mind I pull strings/
We form a kraal and take over the stream/
Form rivers to Oceans, the ultimate team/
Out to get green it's the Zone Fam affiliates/
The boys serve fiends getting drugged out derivatives/
I am the realest cause real is just as real as it gets/
Big as Gorillas, feel it homie finish the set!

Verse 3
So give him an encore the Kid's Back/
He relapsed recovered from losses to breath rap/
A mean track, Teck on the beat homie believe that/
More than just some fiddles and riddles, more than just street rap/
This is de café straight from the rack, heed that!
Blood from my veins, took a minute to bleed that/
I.V flow, coma resuscitation, bringing it back like Doctor to patient/
This is Z.E.D invasion, Africa stand up! The Kid is back, Kid is back/
I put Classic in Classic, I pity tracks/
Yes I'm going ahead like em fitted caps/
So while you stay up in a box, homie I'm going back to the future like Michael J.Fox/
This is real music, so don't confuse it/
Parker Lewis homie I can't lose it!
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Black Man Struggling Featuring Rae Diaspora
The Holstar
My Story goes way back, October 24-1964 we blazed tracks/
Then was liberated in the physical, but minds still chained in fallacy; the spiritual/
Dead policies, grey colored seeds – that grew to torrid trees, now they honor these/
How could they? How could they take that? Resources stripped to build with no pay back/
Brothers and Sisters Gorillas right in their own land, fought for the power but now they don’t even own land/
Vicious cycle its happening again, they wanna say the kid is rapping just blubbing ish again/
Capitalist thinking, barbaric drinking, still prolific how we’ve risen from the boat sinking/
What was dark is now the light, from all hopes drifted; it’s all hosts lifted/

I just wanna make good things of this life, I’m sick of all the hate and the pain and strife, I’m just a Black man struggling, another Black Man struggling….Living in this White man’s world, I don’t wanna have to fight the world, I’m just a Black Man struggling, another black man struggling.

Mr. Rae
Yo scratch that I'm a dark brown boy in blackface, Look in the mirror and see the problem with the black race/
I keep running but I feel I'm stuck in one place, the shadow of the man I once was is who I still chase/
The victors write history so my past is a mystery, Images they projected made me question my humanity /
Like "Am I a black man before I'm even human? "Is my skin a blessing or a melanin intrusion?"/
Product of evolution or divine retribution?, Am I going out of my mind in a state of confusion?/
Is that externalized in the continent I live in? Sub-Saharan Africa, want you to share my vision/
We're covered in ashes of struggles, from which we've risen, before colonialism and crooked politicians./
Yes, the struggles beautiful, Maybe, it’s eternal, But the black man's first battlefield is internal/


The Holstar (Commentary)
I know you’ve heard this all before…but Black Man Rise! It’s your’s not a dark continent anymore, it’s a continent of endless resources, endless possibilities – The Holstar, Mr. Rae – Teckzilla on the beat! Slam Dunk Records – Str8 Buttah Productions, Africa Stand Up!
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Past, Present and Future
Verse 1
Extraordinaires, Outstanding; bars is sick/
That’s why we’re out for reprimanding/
Beats is gritty, I hope producers taking notes/
This sea is your classroom; drown we ain’t providing floats/
It’s Hip Hop in its purest form/
My tongues a suicidal bomber on the prowl, I spew a storm/
African Kings but never rest in a tomb/
Yep I’m so ahead of time I wrote this verse in the womb/
Well if its birds, I consume! Militant words of a groom/
Married the game on MT.Sinai, the of a boom/
Bap in these maps after these facts, jacking these traps/
All this blabbing and back stabbing is wack in these raps/
Cats to relax, my paper’s in a line counting these stacks/
Like modern day Klu Klux after these blacks/
This is a portrait of my pain a glory/
Present times living never ending story/

Verse 2
My inheritance came with the feathered men/
Devine gift, yes it was heaven sent/
The Future of life, lies within me/
Living triple lives of lies try defend me/
I was sipping wine with swines, times were plenty/
Greed reigned early, drums drained empty/
The flesh was sweet trying to tempt me/
Money in the eyes of those filled with envy/
And when it’s gone wonder where their friends be?
One minute they’re here, the next minute you’re all alone/
Questioning Kings next defending the throne/
It’s a Dog’s life; just give him a bone/
That’s why we’re past Kings, Extraterrestrial/
Space ship status, Extracelestial/
Never lose hope is what we were told/
But many grab dreams with a feeble hold/

Verse 3
Was born and Champion in serious Mayweather/
Product of Love songs, lights off Ted Pender/
Mummy said that James Brown was in the system/
Barry White vixens carried lights Rick James/
The Method Man came just to bring pain/
The E-Double R Parish son was insane/
Getting strikes Daddy’s Big Kane/
Fathered Emcees in the 80s, the start of a big game/
I was so smooth can’t consider rules/
Set to move thing to do was consider tools/
One Mic in the hand with a Paper & Pad/
And my Pen Authored a brown table/
But this is real not fable/
Old school act; Clark Gable/
These past times gone, clamp staple/
We bring it live! Brown Cable…
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Master and King
Verse 1
My Birth was an exam, math was the one final/
If life was the fatality, I am the one spinal/
Combonic move, I sonic boom but I ain’t shifting crowds/
Black rise from the white powder and scream it loud/
Cocaine rush, watch my propane bust/
Get dope brain, father kids homie – old man’s nut/
I’m a smooth, rude, crude, intelligent schmuck/
I spit bullets ill-logic watch irrelevants duck/
Like Pelicans cluck and Chickens fly, my Charles Dickens cry/
Men to cheat to open doors, that’s why women lie/
Test the Kid they can’t even try/
Took paint bristles with permanent ink and leave em dry/

I’m the Master and King – I put that on everything/
Raps my thing – I put that on everything/
The crowns my ring, married to the game, this is eternal bliss I will never be the same/
The Raps my paint, the beats my canvas, paint vivid pictures as big as Kansas/
Lsk thorough bred, Z.E.D’s the answer, industry’s my dance-floor, the constant dancer/
The Raps my paint, the beats my canvas, paint vivid pictures as big as Kansas/
Lsk thorough bred, Z.E.D’s the answer, industry’s my dance-floor, the constant dancer/

Verse 2
So since the industry’s my dance-floor, I’m doing the hammer dance/
And I’m too legit to quit even stick to an hour glass/
Days of our lives, the Bold beat the beautiful/
Society decayed but the saloon is still beauty-full/
The bars packed filled with crackerjacks, brothers with mean overbites/
Grim-Jaw Jacker-Jack, Holstar is gun-less so I’m supposed to clap it back/
That’s why I only murder tracks, here to extract the cataract/
The Kid’s precise that’s why I’m trying to be mad exact/
Roll in a Blue Phantom suicide doors advancing/
Who the guys who’s glancing, Cupid eyes are trancing/
Stupid thighs harassing, trapped in a Vise and glassed in/


Verse 3
In the beginning was the word, the word was the beginning/
And now it is heard through the world, it is deep in my soul; Translucent/
It’s tattered on my heart – you can’t move it/
Man was made and Woman from Man/
Flesh of my flesh, Bone of my bones, one forever/
Scribe on the stones by forefathers, drawn on the walls by ancestors/
This is an Art that you can’t measure, priceless this is us/
Us is we and we is you, you are me and I am you/
The grand plan, built in the tower of Babel/
Communicate to brethren through common apparel/
It ‘s all in my blood soaked shoulders and shawl x 3

Verse 1
You’re my starlight, you make me shine bright/
But keep me down when I’m gliding in this limelight/
Baby you keep me warm, on them cold nights/
This is puppy love, not them bold types/
It’s so frustrating how their hating on our young love/
They talk big but they never ever brung doves/
Midflight wishes with coupon dishes/
It’s true bond double O, who cons kisses/
It’s concrete! rose bushes grow and those snitches know/
Streams become rivers that’s why we go with the flow/
Cry me an ocean and live in this fairytale/
It’s like our love already platinum but will never sale/
You’re my blood and bones, baby you’re my every cell/
Fabric of Existence, we treadmill the distance/
Lady we’re the business, yes indeed/
You’re More than a friend, you’re my every need/

Verse 2
This Thug passion I’m giving baby is everlasting/
Me and you together like bond! We ever mashing/
We elevating to the sky, two mortal beings intertwined make the world wonder why/
Or how? We make the bed rock, never dead stops/
You and I like Bonnie and Clyde, we fled blocks/
And we’re the reason why there’s heartaches/
On and off like light switches, committed what the heart takes/
Travel the ends of this earth just to fetch you a flower/
Beyond Kanye’s Fantasy, you give me power/
More precious than semi-stones, rock skeleton bones/
No Afrodisiac; lady flowing rivers of Gold/
I told never leave me out here in the cold/
It’s therapeutic when we touch, leaving me bold/
Love really makes the seasons evolve/
And as the world turns, we get the legions involved/
The Holstar –Verse 1
The Zone Fam Dream started in a bedroom, we bred grooms that’s the irony of dead goons/
So we spit precise homie we this clean, razor sharp skills with words – pristine/
Suicide Mission I’m a wrist fiend, aiming for the goals; all I see is thick beams/
When the torch looms, score booms; I’m a certified winner – I’m killing em in board rooms/
This Rap thing is quite simple, I’m a shining blackhead in a family of white pimples/
Jack be dumb, he be nimble; ’98 sedan over a bridge – that’s a Jacked rental/
Vanilla sky pipes dreams, you’re the only rapper out or so see it might seem/
What you’re lacking is a tight team, I tell em like it is – I’m killing it Mic King/

The Holstar –Verse 2
Lusaka, Lilongwe to Lagos – take it to the West Indies like Barbados/
I can see the best in thee – Halo; Ladies get that ass on the floor, J-Lo/
I’m a Liv-Er survivor, spitting this Lavae saliva, you in the back seat buckle up; I’m a defiant driver/
I don’t rely on riders, trying to spy on this martyr, I’m more than just a conduit – I’m a spine and provider/
You can try to rewind, different every time – Pediatric bars – The Kid gets sick with every rhyme/
You can try to find step in my mind…with my eyes wide shut I think I see a vision every time/
I’m on a mission, I Define! The beats, the rhymes…piece by piece with every line – feast so we can dine/
Hip Hop is so Dead? I’m getting thoughts from your Dame instead of brain….Forehead!

Dominant 1 – Verse 3
Break-beats so beautiful, collabo so beautiful; Triple L state of mind we undisputable/
Metaphors to the ear, sound out blackaa! Stride never change when I’m in Lusaka/
Hustle for the Pesos, stunting in Lagos, Cleopatra by my side thinking we some Pharaohs/
Yo Holstar! Did I mention that we so winning? We hard as hell but our swag softer than some linen/
The page statures and our image is to pay homage, celebrating the fact we distribute knowledge/
Subliminal methodologies when I start penning, I write espionage Dominant Flemming/
The rapture of my disaster so devastating, I conceive classics when I’m meditating/
Africa be the next frontier, this is my moment of truth world premier/
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Keep Holding On
Verse 1
So Jane runs a child headed home/
She feel the pain from her loss embedded stone/
She paternal, maternal – double orphan/
Working two jobs – double often/
Live with her two siblings, Jack and Jill/
Mama got the bug, Dad was used to packing steel/
Live in the burbs but this ain’t a fairytale/
Heard it all before, I know this thing very well/
Running like a Dog with a severed tail/
Life a fair like falling in a endless well/
She always gotta work harder/
Cause to the Kids she the man, the last and the first father/
Never felt a man’s Love, period!
He was in abscentia, tossed out period!
And the topic of discussion is serious/
Care for your own cause love is with giving in/

Verse 2
So she gotta fend for the kids/
Jane would do anything to get a cheque in this Biz/
Cause she’s like a record exec/
And the kids are like the artists they give that respect/
She would do a 25 to Life Bid/
Lifted like a fork cuts deeper than a knife did/
A mark on it like a bite did/
And its served raw smoked gammon plenty slices/
And its mixed plenty spices/
Life’s a rat race and we wonder who the nicest/
And the Big cheese success/
Fight for survival if it means to the death/
So who the heck wanna step/
This is a battle zone till the end I’mo rep/
Living in a broken home/
We all God’s kids who the heir to the throne.
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Skills Featuring Zubz Tha Last Letta
The Golden Mic shine today I ain’t forgotten, Hip Hop rode me cowgirl I came from the bottom/
Strapped with these raps as my only prophylactic, no dastardly tactic to try to topple cats with/
Check my tracklist lyrically inclined check my background for blacklists invariably you’ll find/
All I pack is a smash hit imperially designed, I got Jack spit for half wits inferior in mind/
Coast to coast or border to border and beyond, I toast to Holst for formerly ordering the song/
Without a side served dash or a chaser, Last Letta die first, crash – cheque later/
I’m impulsive – when it comes to beats I’m a predator they’re vultures/
Meaning that I’m three steps ahead of them; my Cultures/
Similar to that of the borg, conquer assimilated after it all – Move on!

So we came from the bottom up, that’s why we celebrate daily bottoms up/
 And they still can’t stop our shine you know we’re ill, sick, quarantine/
 Raps stay borderline, scripted pen on point – porcupine/
Hold the fort and I hold the grime, it like they put my brain in the dirt; sordid mind/

The Holstar
Give a what? About a Hater, I am on another level it’s like I’m in Heaven I awake to escalators/
I think that I’m the greatest, if I am not the greatest then he doesn’t exist cause I’m probably gonna father him/
Haters steady bothering Rap is in my veins, it’s in my blood, it’s in my pain even your girl steady hollering/
Do it with finesse, bless with skill – build an empire with my twenty inch wolverine hands of steel/
I birth diamonds while you mine Gold, look Ma no hands I’m diving blind fold/
Into a pool of martyrdom shouldn’t have started him, I can take a whole crew’s cool and rip a part of them/
They can call it what they want I ain’t a part them, burn stages scripts of an arsonist/
Burn pages you know I’m ill, so what I gotta do to show the kid got skills!

So we came from the bottom up, that’s why we celebrate daily bottoms up/
 And they still can’t stop our shine you know we’re ill, sick, quarantine/
 Raps stay borderline, scripted pen on point – porcupine/
Hold the fort and I hold the grime, it like they put my brain in the dirt; sordid mind/
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Moment In The Music
Verse 1
I’m not alone Hip Hop is my Savior, Like a Mother to her Child and this song is my prayer/
We serve a Higher God the music is a lifestyle, but many take it too far they change and act wild/
Been doing this since Prince was a symbol, Zambian heads ati pangani ka nyimbo/
We past that many cash Dreams homie we cash facts, for some it’s the norm for many  it’s the route of all/
But many still wonder like who will fall? We at the edge and the stepping stones are queued to roll/
Domino effect fighting for the next pay check and if you put a rubber on the call it plain sex!
So we lubricate our minds with dreams; the chase for the paper- pursuit for cream/
Happiness is second base, living in a world where we store our emotions in a seventh case/

It’s just a moment in the music and you can just take your take your time just to use it and you can feel this song, feel this song, feel this song yeaaah! X 2

Verse 2
So they asking me why I’m doing this music? I tell em it’s similar to the pulpit!
Pass these words to younger generations, hoping these positives better than negatives facing/
Never been known just to be telling lies, I know one day this will be televised/
They can take off the masks of adversity, take it off blue, red hash in the burgundy/
So we can look-look past even further see, rise of the planets, discovery further seas/
We at a Deep Level and we’re in house, peel that potato on a thin couch/
Bring it on board corporate ability, I’m a young man deep rooted like a village tree/
So I can plant these seeds in the minds of men and out of five we score a ten/

It’s just a moment in the music and you can just take your take your time just to use it and you can feel this song, feel this song, feel this song yeaaah! X 2
Track Name: HOLSTAR AND TECK-ZILLA - Words From The Archetype
Extra-ordinary, Extra-ordinaires/
It's Lio-nel Messi, the best of the players/
But this is not a game, success to my peers/
My chest won't appear with an 'S' over here/
But I'm a cryptonite, the test of the year/
cause how i flip on mics suggests disappear/
Because I rip it right, yes this isn't fair/
Mess with the inner circle, I'ma begin to hurt you/
And I hate patience, it's never been a virtue/
I write Stephen King flicks, yours Mills 'n Boon, illest tunes/ Fiends of my tracks homie still consume/
Holstar,Teckman, Kan-I it's a killer tune/ Its the return of the...told you I'll be back like really soon/
Hey little man, you better tell 'em whom/
Who tell a vision or maybe who wanna tell a tune/
This is my era, better listen to what I'm telling you/